Hello Fall!


The Reuben Sandwich

Hello Fall!

A lot of people has been asking us when will we change our menu and honestly we are dying to make a change! Changing our menu has always a challenge for us because it takes a lot of works, ideas, times, and other things to make it happen. We love that we have an awesome team that is willing to work together to make this finally happen.

We are so happy that this Fall, we change a lot of our sides options. Sometimes sides options are the things that will make or break the deal. Although we know there is a lot of favor for the Pesto Pasta Salad, we are actually introducing you to our new Ranch Pasta Salad. Our new pasta salad will have black olives, cherry tomatoes, red onion, and tri-color rotini pasta! Ohh. That makes us hungry right away!

One of the sandwich that has been a favorite at ADAC is our Reuben Sandwich that is why finally the chef put it on our Cafe Menu. Our hand crafted Corned Beef and house roasted Turkey make it such a perfect lunch pick up.

So, check out our new fall menu on www.thehungrypeach.com to look at new options of the food you can eat while Fall is still here!!